Employment Opportunities

Education Employment Opportunities:

Riverside Christian School, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Middle/Upper Grades School Teacher

School: Riverside Christian School

Job Title: Middle/Upper Grades School Teacher

Deadline: Until Filled


Riverside Christian School (RSCS) is located in Saskatoon, the largest city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan with the majestic South Saskatchewan River running through the center of  this “Paris of the Prairies” as it is sometimes called.  RSCS, for the 2020/2021 school year, is expanding to a K-10 school and needs an energetic teacher to join the current faculty. An eligible candidate needs the energy, dedication and understanding to teach middle school students and inspire them to choose Christ as their Savior and Lord. The candidate should be strong in teaching a variety of subjects, with special emphasis in Mathematics & Science, having proficiency with technology, experience in working with students from a wide range of ethnic diversities, sets high standards for excellence for students to attain, and the flexibility and collaboration skills needed as a team player – willing to support and assist faculty and administration alike. RSCS is provincially funded, supported by 4 constituent churches, and boasts of supportive working conditions.

Qualifications for Employment:

  • Is an active member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, modeling Christianity and upholding the faith and values of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Has a completed bachelor’s degree in Education
  • Will qualify in obtaining or is in possession of a Saskatchewan Professional A Teaching Certificate
  • Must possess or be eligible for SDA denominational certification
  • A Canadian Citizen or has documented proof to work legally in a school in Canada
  • Models excellence in teaching through innovative ways (STEM, STEAM, Research-Based, On-Line, etc.)
  • Well organized
  • Works collaboratively with students, faculty, administration, school board, and conference.
  • Communicates effectively and has strong people skills that enables the candidate to interact within diverse ethnic groups

Send a Cover Letter, Resume, References, and all relevant Documentation via E-mail to:

Corinne Lindberg – Director of Education & Communication

1004 Victoria Avenue

Saskatoon, SK S7N 0Z8

306.244.9700 Ext. 215


Part-Time Teacher Assistant

School: Riverside Christian School

The Riverside Christian School in Saskatoon, SK, has a Part-Time Teacher Assistant opening for the 2020/2021 school year. Applicants must be of the Seventh-day Adventist faith. The job description for this position include Before Care (7:45-8:30 a.m.), Recess and Lunch Time Supervision, and general assistance of the teachers throughout the school day until 1:00 p.m.

Interested individuals are asked to email a complete resume – including references, cover letter, and all supporting documents to Corinne Lindberg, Director of Education, clindberg@mansaskadventist.ca on or before Monday, September 16, 2019, which is the deadline for applications. 


Red River Valley Junior Academy

Grades 9-12 English Language Arts Teacher with Business, Accounting, and/or ICT Role


School: Red River Valley Junior Academy


Job Title: Permanent Full-Time Grades 9-12 English Language Arts Teacher with Business, Accounting, and/or ICT Role starting September 2020


Deadline: Until Filled


Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Red River Valley Junior Academy is poised to support a growing K-12 population of 200 students. The school is repute for fostering a safe, caring and academically challenging environment.  Feeling supported, teachers strive to be collaborative and nurturing.

Supporting a rich ethnic diversity in faculty, staff and students, the school is committed to excellence in preparing young people spiritually, academically, physically and socially for higher education, Christian service, employment and eternity.


The Position:

Seeking a dynamic High School ELA Teacher/Business/Accounting/ICT to join our engaged, progressive and professional team.  We encourage educators with deep experience, passion for teaching, and vast potential to apply. Successful candidates will provide an inspirational, educational experience for students in a learning environment.


The Ideal candidate skills, background and competencies:


• An active member of the SDA Church, modeling Christianity, upholding the faith and values of the SDA Church

• A Bachelor’s Degree and/or Master’s Degree with a specialization in English

• Has a minimum of an BS Degree in Accounting or Business Administration and/or demonstrated training in Accounting/Business and/or ICT Administration

• Eligibility for, or holder of a current Manitoba Teaching Certificate

• Possesses or be eligible for SDA denominational certification

• A Canadian Citizen or has documented proof to work legally in a school in Canada

• A strong background in literacy and developing reading, writing, and spoken language skills

• Recent experience in a high school English classroom setting

• Evidence of innovative teaching practices and assessment strategies

• Passion for creative writing and guiding young writers

• A demonstrated ability to meaningfully integrate digital skills into classroom activities

• Experience with a collaborative approach in instructional planning

• Strong communication skills in a variety of settings


Specific responsibilities will include:

• Providing inspirational classroom experiences for students

• Managing school accounts payable/receivables

• Recording daily payments/making deposits

• Ensuring efficiency/accuracy of records

• Utilizing accounting software

• Computer network/peripheral troubleshooting

• Building your own professional capacity through lifelong learning

• Working collaboratively within the department on curricular initiatives

• Consistent and professional communication with students, faculty and parents

• Liaising with teaching faculty, parents and administration as an advocate for students

• Contributing to the extracurricular life of the school


Send a Cover Letter, Resume, References, and all relevant Documentation via E-mail to:

Corinne Lindberg – Director of Education & Communication

1004 Victoria Avenue

Saskatoon, SK S7N 0Z8

306.244.9700 Ext. 215



School Chaplain/Business Manager 70/30 at RRVJA

Full Time Contract: Local School Hire

Start Date: September 01, 2020

Deadline: Until filled


JOB SUMMARY: The School Chaplain will advance the Spiritual Master Plan of Red River Valley Junior Academy by providing support to students, staff and parents. Ideally, the candidate will serve as part of the school’s pastoral care team, planning, organising and implementing a range of curricular and extra-curricular activities, events and projects, to advance the spiritual mission and community engagement strategy of the school. The incumbent’s proven ability to relate to children/youth as well as to engage children/youth is paramount.


Candidates who hold a minimum BS Degree in Accounting or Business Administration and/or demonstrated training/experience in Accounting/Business Administration are welcome to apply



Spiritual Modelling & Mentoring:

•  Be a spiritual mentor to students and staff

•  Contribute actively to building the spiritual tone of the school

•  Model an authentic Christian lifestyle

•  Liaise with teachers to be informed and provide feedback to support students

•  Be available for crisis management

•  Support the school administration to refer individuals to qualified “helpers” Ex. Counsellors

•  Act as a student advocate in disciplinary situations

•  Maintain a pastoral link with alumni, past students and friends of the school

Worship Activities:

• Plan and organise chapels and staff worships in partnership with school administration and staff

• Participate in the planning of special worship events such as Week of Spiritual Emphasis Bible study and teaching

Bible Study & Teaching:

• Conduct special Bible study groups with a view to leading students to Christ and baptism; participate in such baptismal events

• Support the Bible / Biblical Studies teachers in the school and contribute to the development of curriculum resources for teaching the subject

• Assist in developing resources for use in pastoral care

• Be a spiritual resource for teachers and school administration


Leadership In, & Support of School-Related Activities:

Worship & Fellowship

• Lead out in worship and fellowship activities

• Give leadership at, and provide support for youth rallies and week-end fellowships

• Be a resource person for school-presented church programs

Outreach & Service:

• Work collegially with teachers in planning service activities and community programs

• Organise and assist with outreach and service programs

• Plan and support mentorship and training activities

Social and Recreation:

• Support or participate in formal and informal recreation activities and social events

• Organize periodic social/recreational activities for teachers

• Plans school camping events

• Participate in sports coaching

• Accompany school band tours

Parents & the Community:

• In collaboration with teachers, contribute and participate in the organisation of parent education nights

• Assist in parenting seminars and community programs

• Access and provide appropriate resources for Christian parenting

Nurture & Pastoral Care:

• Be actively involved in the school’s pastoral care program

• Be involved in the induction of new students into the school as one of the points of contact between the school and students’ families.

  Contact or visit homes of students on a systematic basis: to enquire on students’ progress emotionally, scholastically and spiritually; to pray with the family for the success of the children in the school and at home, and to invite the family to special functions organised by the school

Supervisory Responsibilities:   Students/Minors

Supervision Given:   Provides quarterly report to the School Board and 1 yearly report to the RRVJA Constituency through the School Principal.

Collaborates With: RRVJA Administrative team, teachers, students, parents, RRVJA Home & School Association, Constituent Pastors, and volunteers


Personal Skills

• Spiritual Leader (Good report, Guided by the Holy Spirit and Wise)

• Above average ability to relate to children/youth

• Excellent organization skills, detail oriented with the ability to prioritize multiple requests

• Musical ability and or the ability to organize worship/praise teams

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Collegial, collaborative style, Diplomatic, tactful, & a good listener

• Positive attitude, enthusiasm, sense of humour



• Experience in providing spiritual counselling, theology, religious studies, psychology, or social work

• Experience working with children/youth in a school and or camp setting preferred

• Experience working with an accounting software package and bookkeeping welcomed

• Managing school accounts payable/receivables

• Recording daily payments/making deposits

• Ensuring efficiency/accuracy of records

• Utilizing accounting software



• Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies) or related field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Computer Skills: Basic web navigational and computer skills required & Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite required

Budgeting Skills: Works in collaboration with the School Principal to forecast a budget to support the Chaplaincy activities of the school.

Travel: Travel required across the city to constituency churches & affiliate institutions

COMPENSATION: Monthly Gross Salary (Based on contract)

HOUSING/LODGING: RRVJA may be able to assist incumbent with finding subsidized housing


Send a Cover Letter, Resume, References, and any relevant Documentation via E-mail to:

Corinne Lindberg – Director of Education & Communication

Manitoba-Saskatchewan Nunavut Conference of the SDA Church

1004 Victoria Avenue

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 0Z8

1.306.244.9700 ext. 215